Fall for – влюбиться

Fall for – влюбиться


He FELL FOR her the moment their eyes met.

Figure out – находить решение проблемы
The police couldn’t FIGURE OUT how the burglars gad got into the warehouse.

Find out – узнавать
I went to the library to FIND OUT all I could about the life and work of Joe Meek.

Get away – сбегать
The robbers GOT AWAY in a stolen car.

Get back – возвращаться
The train was held up so we didn’t GET BACK home until midnight

Get back together – начинать отношения заново
We split a few months ago but GOT BACK TOGETHER last week.

Get down – делать кого-либо несчастным, грустным
The miserable weather in winter really GETS me DOWN.

Get down – записывать
I couldn’t GET DOWN everything he said.

Get in – садиться в автомобиль, такси
The taxi arrived and we GOT IN.

Get off – выходить из автомобиля, автобуса
We GOT OFF the bus and walked to my house.

Get out – выходить на улицу
She doesn’t GET OUT much now, because she has her baby.

Get over – вылечиться, преодолеть
It took me ages to GET OVER the flu.

Get together – встречаться с людьми
We GOT TOGETHER in the pub for a drink.

Get up – вставать с постели
Usually I GET UP at 7 o’clock.

Give back – возвращать долг
I GAVE the money BACK that she’d lend to me.

Give in – прекратить что-либо делать по причине трудоемкости, сдаться
I couldn’t finish the crossword puzzle and had to GIVE IN and look at the answers.

Give up – сдаваться; избавляться от привычки, т.е. бросать что-либо
I can’t think of the question, I GIVE UP.
I GAVE UP taking sugar in tea to lose weight.

Give up – уступить, пожертвовать чем-либо
I GAVE UP my seat to a pregnant woman.

Go for – пытаться что-то заполучить.
The player WENT FOR the ball but missed.

Go for – атаковать, набрасываться
The neighbor’s dog always GOES FOR the postmen.

Go off – испортиться
The milk WENT OFF because I forgot to put it in the fridge.

Grow up – взрослеть, расти
He GREW UP in the West Country.

Hang on – ждать
Could you HANG ON for a moment till she’s free.

Hang up – закончить телефонный разговор
I lost my temper and HUNG UP.

Hook up – встретиться
We HOOKED UP at the conference.

Keep on – продолжать
He KEPT ON trying and succeeded in the end.

Keep up – мешать уснуть
My sister KEPT me UP till after 4 am with her loud music last night.

Kick down – сломать что-то ногой, выбить
The police KICKED the door DOWN.

Knock up – забеременеть, сделать девушку беременной
She got KNOCKED UP when she was on holiday.

Listen up – слушать, уделять внимание (чаще используется в качестве команды)
LISTEN UP, men! Here are your new assignments.

Log off – выйти из компьютерной системы, программы
Don’t forget to LOG OFF every time you finish working.

Look for – искать что-либо
I’ve been LOOKING FOR my cell phone, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Look out – быть осторожным (в качестве предупреждения)
LOOK OUT, you’re going to drop that.

Make for – ехать, идти в определенном направлении
We MADE FOR home when it started raining.

Make over – изменить внешность
The beauty salon gave her a MAKEOVER before the party.

Make up – мириться
We are always arguing, but we MAKE UP again very quickly.

Make up – наносить косметику
She went to the bathroom to MAKE her face UP.

Make up – придумать историю, отговорку
The MADE UP an excuse for being late.

Mess around – быть не серьезным, играть с чем-либо
I was MESSING AROUND on the internet because I couldn’t be bothered to do any work.

Mess around – иметь сексуальные отношения вне брака или постоянных отношений
She’s not faithful – she’s been MESSING ABOUT since they got married.

Mix up – путать
I always MIX those two sisters UP, because they look so like each other.

Move in – въехать в новое жилище
The house was empty for ages, but some new tenants MOVED IN a few weeks ago.

Move out – покидать то место, где ты жил или работал
She’s tired of living there and is MOVING OUT.

Pass away – умирать
Sadly, Georgia’s uncle PASSED AWAY yesterday after a short illness.

Pass by – проходить мимо
I was just PASSING BY when I saw the accident.

Pass out – терять сознание
He got so drunk that he PASSED OUT.

Pick up – собирать что-либо, забирать c с целью принести/привезти домой
While you’re in town, can you PICK UP my trousers form the Dry Cleaner

Pick up – забрать человека и по пути отвезти куда-либо
Can you PICK me UP and take me to The George when you go to the party.

Pin up – прикрепить что-либо к поверхности иголкой, булавкой
I PINNED the notice UP on the board.

Pop in – зайти на короткое время
He POPPED IN for a coffee on his way home.